The lawyers at McCarter Beauchamp, PLLC are dedicated to creating forward-focused solutions for families in Davidson, Williamson, and Wilson Counties. They bring a unique blend of experience, compassion, and cutting-edge knowledge to creating solutions for their clients’ family law disputes. With training and experience in collaborative law, Patricia McCarter and Caroline Beauchamp are committed to giving their clients the option of reaching an agreement on the issues of their case without the necessity of litigating in a courtroom. Further, they assist families in resolving disputes as Rule 31 Listed Mediators in Davidson, Williamson, and Wilson Counties. When necessary, the attorneys of McCarter Beauchamp are zealous litigators with extensive courtroom experience.

The lawyers at McCarter Beauchamp enable each client to make well-informed decisions, not only about the desired outcome of the dispute, but also about the process used to get there. At McCarter Beauchamp, we believe that mediation and collaboration are often excellent options in that they can be cost-effective, can reduce the emotional turmoil associated with litigated disputes, and can result in durable outcomes, decreasing the likelihood of future litigation.

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